5 Steps to do Perfect Liquid Eyeliner Wings

5 Steps to do Perfect Liquid Eyeliner Wings

Let’s just agree that nothing elevates your eye makeup like a spectacular perfectly drawn winged eyeliner.  It looks super cute and complements almost every type of look. Since the winged edge is the hottest trend, you can’t let your shaky hands and lack of skill keep you from accomplishing this feat. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to create cat eyes and wings that are sharp enough to kill.

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How to make winged eyeliner?

5 Steps to do Perfect Liquid Eyeliner Wings

Method 1: How to create winged eyeliner with an angled eyeliner brush?

This one has been specially designed to help you with your eyeliner problems. Honestly speaking, it doesn’t get any easier than this. You can also dampen the brush slightly for a super clean result.

Step by step tutorial

  • Dip the angled brush into the eyeliner pot and place it on the outer edge of the eye to create an angle with her temples.
  • Place the same brush on the line you just drew in an inverted way to create the upper curve of its wing
  • Fill in the blank space between the lines with the eyeliner brush and spread the liner towards the inner corner as you normally do.

Method 2: Hands-free guidance

Yes, you need some practice and a steady hand, but with a little patience and proper method, it is absolutely possible to apply a  neat and perfect winged eyeliner.

Step by step tutorial

  • Take a pencil eyeliner and draw an extended line on the outer edge of your eyes at an angle with your eyebrows. Adjust the length according to your desired brim length.
  • Now, place the pencil where this line ends and draw a line that moves inward with a slight curve, and extend the line to the inner corner of the eye. If you find it difficult to extend the same line in one go, extend it to at least the middle of the top lash line and then continue to the inside corner. Try to make sure the line gradually thins out, especially if you have smaller eyes
  • Now, fill in the gap until the fur is not peeking out from the top and bottom line that forms your wing.
  • If you’re fine with a smoother finish, leave it as is. But if you want your wings to be more eye-catching and bolder, grab a liquid eyeliner and carefully follow the lines you’ve created with your pencil eyeliner. Also, if you plan to include this step, you can allow your lines to get a little rough on the edge while wearing the pencil eyeliner. The liquid eyeliner will cover the rough edges to give a perfectly smooth finish.

Method 3: How to make winged eyeliner with tape?

In addition to regularly fixing your torn paraphernalia, your masking tape or old cellophane can also help you draw perfect eyeliners.

Step by step tutorial

  • Cut a ribbon of about 2 cm and glue it to the outer edge of your eyes at an angle that you want your wings to be.
  • Trace along the angled edge with your eyeliner to draw the wing using the contours of the tape as a guide.
  • Finish by extending the line along the upper lash line.

Method 4: How to create a perfect winged eyeliner with a spoon?

Go to your kitchen and pick up a spoon to give her the perfect eyeliner you’ve always wanted. The straight edge of the handle and the curve of the spoon is a perfect tool for guiding clean and precise wings.

Step by step tutorial

  • Hold the handle of the spoon to the outer corner of his eye.
  • Draw a straight line with your eyeliner following the handle line.
  • Now, place the rounded portion of the spoon and cover your lids.
  • Use the rounded edge to create the curvy tip of your wing.
  • Fill in the space between two lines with eyeliner and spread the liner over the upper lash line as you normally do.

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