A Senior's Guide to Prom Makeup

A Senior’s Guide to Prom Makeup

When May rolls around, all-female high school seniors, start getting ready to go to prom. But the real preparation begins months in advance, with the selection of the perfect dress and date. That is also the time for you to consider your prom makeup.

How to Apply Makeup for Prom

There are hundreds of makeup styles which you can use for your night of glamour and excitement. As you are choosing the one you like, consider the following to look your best.

Foundation – Foundation isn’t a must unless you have an uneven skin tone or acne. If you have a few blemishes you want hidden, use a good concealer, or, consider using airbrush makeup. Companies such as Dinair Airbrush Makeup provide airbrush cosmetics that won’t harm your skin and will ensure you of a long-lasting perfect complexion.

Blush – Whoever told you that blush isn’t necessary is wrong. You need blush in order to give your cheeks a healthy glow. However, how great blush looks always depends on how you apply it. To get the most from your blush, smile as hard as you can and then apply the blush to the apples of your cheeks, temple, and chin.

Eyes – Go with colors that accentuate your skin tone. For example, if you are pale white, you can go for pink, green, and gray shades, whereas bronze, yellow, and orange-based colors suit girls with olive skin. For your eyeliner, you can choose liquid black liner for a dramatic look, dark brown for a natural look, or, use a colored pencil for funkier eyes.

Lips – If you are focusing on your eyes, you can apply nude lipstick or a light shade that complements your eye shadow. However, if you believe your lips are your best feature and want to accentuate them, consider using dark colors or tinted lip gloss.

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Top 3 Prom Makeup Ideas

Now that you’ve covered the basics of prom makeup, you can apply them while implementing one of these three makeup looks.

1. The Metallic Gold Look – Since metallics are in fashion, you can pull off this prom makeup look and turn other girls green with envy. First, dab your lids with pale gold eye shadow and brush brown eye shadow onto your crease. Next, use a thin brush to apply a dash of pale metallic shadow onto the inner corners of your eyes. Curl your lashes and use brown mascara and eyeliner. Finally, apply a light shade of bronze on your lips and to your cheeks.

2. The Natural Look – You do not need eye shadow to look your best during prom. In fact, you will look better, and more youthful, by ditching the eye shadow altogether, and, instead, emphasize you eyes by using only eyeliner and mascara. For this look, you should make sure of concealing any dark circles and/or blemishes that can mar your perfect skin. After that, apply black eyeliner, thickly, close to your lash line, and use black mascara, generously, on your top and bottom lashes. Check that your mascara separates your lashes, therefore making them appear as if they are fanning your eyes. Finally, choose a light shade of peach, (or plum for olive and dark skin), for your cheeks and lips.

3. The Nude-Eyes, Bold-Lips Look – If your lips are your most prized feature, your makeup should emphasize them. Keep your eyes nude by using an eye shadow that is a shade lighter than your skin tone and applying brown eyeliner and mascara. Afterward, use a light bronzer for your cheeks and vibrant red, or, maroon lipstick.

Make sure to use these ideas to look your best at prom and to re-assure your date that he made the best choice by asking you out.

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