How to do Drag Queen Makeup

Makeup for Drag Queen is characterized by being over the top. Its application is usually all over the face and seeks to enhance the most sensual features of the face, such as Lips, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, nose, and cheekbones. Being a world and a very “controversial” style, it is usually taken to another level of makeup.

Drag Queen: is a man who dresses and acts like a woman, but with more volume and exaggeration. It is a very comical performance where facts from the everyday world are highlighted as seen from a Drag Queen. As you can see, it is used a lot as entertainment for the public in shows and shows, but it is much more than that.

The makeup in the Drag Queen seeks the transformation from a man to a very striking woman, thanks to her clothes and makeup, it is quite a show (as long as we do it well combined). For that we have to make the change crazy but very sensual, out of the ordinary, but with style.

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If you are curious about the subject or you are just starting out, learn how to do your makeup at home and know the most important Tips for a well-made up Drag Queen. If you want to know more about this world full of shows you have to keep reading our post.

What makeup does the Drag Queens wear?


If you want to know what makeup the Drag Queen use, that may be the easiest question, it is the same one that women use, the same brands and colors, in short, you have a lot of options !!! The variety and creativity go into the character and whoever applies it. Since we can say that makeup is a type of art.

Makeup for Drag Queen is known to be inconspicuous. Why? It is a style in which volume and exaggeration play an important role, and where the entire face is enhanced. The face is their huge canvas to create a character that makes them have another personality. It is to become another person to enjoy your freedom.

It is not about softening anything, the Drag Queen style has to attract attention to such an extent that all eyes are fixed on the artwork created. This is accomplished with the makeup for Drag Queen and a few tips. The change is to go from a masculine face to a softer face using the contouring technique.

Now, the combination, techniques, and styles are very particular from the world of the Drag Queen, to such an extent that it is usually the envy of many women thanks to its attractiveness and showiness. Usually, that is their goal, to get attention.

The end result is a character who seeks to animate an audience through anecdotes or stories from real life or be as striking as possible at a gala, party, or wherever, since no limits can be set. All this under an exaggeratedly made-up character and with a very peculiar style. The Drag Queen was a means of entertainment, but at the same time, it is a way of life.

Knowing that, those who represent him do a valuable job so that the makeup is at the height of the sky. It is a different work, but with an exaggerated style, where the focal point is based on the face and clothes of the Drag Queen.

Perfect makeup for the drag queen currently represents a chair, the truth is that you have to be a true magician to know how to contour and highlight features on the face in a different way so that it breaks with mediocrity and is perfect. Many tutorials on the internet help you improve the faces of men and women.

In the case of women who copy this style, it is because they want a very extravagant life. They want to get out of the ordinary by trying exaggerated makeup that goes more with their personality and lifestyle. The Drag Queen makeup style is made for everyone and it has come to stay.

Drag Queen makeup features:

What can be said about the Drag Queen and the makeup is that it is very fanciful. Where imagination and the perfect combination of colors can do an excellent job.

In general terms, we can see the Drag Queen as a work of art, which has rules and regulations. They are not strict or limiting, they are only essential for men with a lot of hair, thick faces, and a very masculine style.

Remember that makeup helps you exaggerate features and contours to be more striking. Here are some characteristics of this way of putting on makeup:

  • The eyebrows have to be covered. With this step, everything begins.
  • A makeup base is applied to achieve greater coverage and correction of the details of the skin. Various shades can be mixed to achieve natural skin.
  • Points of light are generated on the face to highlight features. Like: forehead, nose, cheekbones, and chin.
  • For the darkness of the face, it is contoured.
  • It is sealed and set with a good tint, then a palette of light and dark contours is modeled.
  • Eyes are shaded. A good option is to use combined aqua colors such as white, pink, purple, and black.
  • Start by applying purple, then pink, followed by the rest of the colors to recreate a gradient.
  • We apply the white tones on the contour until we reach pink. This brings clarity to the eyelids. Step followed it is blurred with pink to create another gradient.
  • The black color is applied under the mobile eyelid until reaching purple. We will smoke in the following way: we tear the eye and a color transition is created between black and violet.
  • A line is drawn with the white aqua color from the end of the eye on the lower eyelid and upwards.
  • The lower lashes are outlined with the black aqua color and a corner is created parallel to the previous one.
  • Under that black line, it would smoke with pink color causing the color to fade in the direction of the ears.
  • The exaggerated lashes are applied to the upper eyelid.
  • The temples and cheekbones are outlined with a fuchsia blush. This is done very carefully so as not to damage the existing light / dark outline.
  • On the lips, you want to exaggerate. This is achieved with volume and lots of color. Here the hype is where it differs from the rest.

Makeup tips Drag Queen makeup:

Before starting any type of makeup for Drag Queen,  the first thing you have to do is prepare the face. You can’t desperately do it as if today is the last day of your life, you have to do it right. Good things go slow. These “Drag Queen makeup” makeup tips need calm and a lot of professionalism.

The preparation of the skin is very important and that is why you have to get a white canvas on the face, totally clean and as clear as possible. If you have long hair, you have to start by placing it outside your face, either with a turban or something that holds it well.

You can also try grabbing it with a hook, bobby pins, a ponytail, or something that will remove it completely from your face. With this, we will have greater comfort to do the makeup and we will be closer to being a perfect Drag Queen. So that you can take better advantage of these tips, we are going to put them in the form of a list and everything is very well explained:


Being clean-shaven is the best for the Drag Queen to have perfect makeup. In the case of not wanting to remove the beard, later we will explain how to do good makeup without having to remove it.

Ideally, there is no hair left and it is very important that the sandpaper effect disappears. For this problem, you can place sponges or some adhesive and thus you will avoid that effect.

Tape the eyebrows:

Whether your eyebrows are thick or not, the important thing is that they are not visible, remember that it will be a new face that you are going to create. Depending on what you want, your face will have small or thick eyebrows. Although you have to keep in mind that the makeup for Drag Queen has to achieve an exaggerated result.

Subtlety is not part of this concept, that’s what transvestites or other types of life are for.

To cover the eyebrows:

  • The ideal is to cut them a little. This helps to keep longer hairs from sticking out and damaging the image. On the other hand, waxing it completely is an option that you have to decide.
  • An easy and widely used technique in this world is to use glue stick and talcum powder. The glue does not have to be toxic. To remove it you just have to apply warm water and soap
  • Its application consists of passing the bar in the direction of the hair, and you have to be quite generous. You put powder on the eyebrow with a sponge, and again, you have to do a lot. Then we press on it, the end result is a smooth area.
  • Then you apply the makeup of your choice and you will welcome your new eyebrows.

Apply base:

At this point you no longer have eyebrows or beards, you are a man without facial hair. Now is the time for the base, for this you can choose between a powder or a cream. Remember that you have talc in your eyebrows, if you put cream on it, you would be creating a mess on your face. Ideally, put powder.

Highlights facial features:

At this moment the canvas that is your face is completely white. Many skip this step, but I see it as very important. With this, they stand out and the exaggeration is highlighted more, always keeping in mind that it is what we want, remember that this is our essence.

Drama and volume are what characterizes our makeup, just that and nothing more. Getting out of the cheek blush is a challenge, but I tell you that there are many more things that help to be a true Drag Queen. The ideal is the lighting in the central area of ​​the face and the area under the eyes.

As in makeup, you can apply powder or creams. Where could we darken it? It would be under the cheekbones, the contour of the hair, and the jaw. A profiled nose never fails and gives a true style.

Eye makeup:

The Drag Queen style to make up the eyes is not a fixed thing, there are different styles, shapes, shapes, and colors that you can try. The recommendation would be to find the one you like the most and try to make it as similar as possible.

For eyebrows:

In this part, using eyeliner would be ideal. In case you do not have a good pulse for this, you can try it with a brush. You can use the same brush with which you will profile the lips. On the other hand, making up the eyelids and eyebrows has to be somewhat symmetrical.

False eyelashes: This option is optional. Despite providing a spectacular and fabulous result, it has certain very important tricks to consider. A good question would be, is it applied before or after makeup?

  • In case of placing it before, you have to do it without having placed powders or glues on the skin, this will help you do it better.
  • In the case of later, stains on the skin from makeup would be avoided.

If you are looking for a final answer it would be: after the Drag Queen makeup, but before the eyeliner. If you are going to use a presentation mask, it has to be before applying it. To place them:

  1. Measure them: measure them with yours and cut them very carefully. Use tweezers to hold them
  2. Apply glue to the base of the false eyelashes and let them dry
  3. Lastly, place them very carefully on your lashes. Then you apply the eyeliner and that’s it.

As you can see, it is not complicated, its difficulty lies in the fact that it is very delicate and refined work.


Like women, the eyes or lips stand out. But in the world of the Drag Queen, everything stands out. Remember that this style is all exaggeration, you always have to stand out for the makeup.

You have to add drama and volume to the lips, the ideal is to enlarge them more than normal. You can try putting a shade in the center with another shade and a bit of shadow. Finally, a nice gloss on the lips, and voila: Drag Queen Lips.

Beards that are not removed

Finally, we will touch on the topic of beards that do not want to remove. Currently, this style in men is very common, and perhaps removing it completely will bring you serious problems. That’s why it was innovated, in makeup for Drag Queen and now you can incorporate it into your style. These are the styles:

  1. Conchita Wurst: this is the simplest option, it is a very neat beard and shaded in its contours with makeup. In short, it is about leaving the beard on the makeup, but one very well cared for.
  2. Mathu Andersen: apply beard dye directly. You can usually apply several dyes of two or more shades, and you will have a colorful beard.
  3. Milk – This style is more overwhelming and over the top, like a Drag Queen itself. It is about combining colors with glitter or adding objects such as flowers. Both are very quirky and can go with a unique style.

As you have seen, the possibilities are almost endless, as long as you are clear about it, if you want to continue reading more about our fashion tips, you should know that we have another great post about wigs. Discover how such a simple accessory can improve your overall appearance.

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