How to Do Makeup for a Day Wedding

How to Do Makeup for a Day Wedding

Weddings are very emotional and special events for which we want to show off a perfect image and stand out among all the guests. In addition to choosing a spectacular dress and wearing a very stylish hairstyle.

You should pay attention to makeup to complete your look. In tomorrow’s weddings, it is essential to project a simple but elegant and sophisticated style that highlights your natural beauty, follow these simple OneHowTo tips to discover how to wear makeup for a daytime wedding and look great.

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Steps to follow:

At daytime weddings, we are usually hot, we sweat and our faces are filled with an unwanted shine that spoils our look. This is why the skin must be perfectly clean, hydrated, and made up with the appropriate cosmetics for the occasion.

If you notice that your skin is dull and fatigued, before starting with the makeup apply a lifting effect flash ampoule to combat the signs of fatigue. Use an illuminating concealer to correct imperfections, reduce redness, spots, or pimples and hide dark circles.

Then, apply a resistant base, with good coverage and a matte finish so you don’t have to touch up your makeup every two minutes. The bases with a duration of up to 24 hours are ideal to be perfect in events of this type, the idea is that you only worry about enjoying and having fun on such a special and emotional day as this.


Finish off by qualifying the makeup with compact powders around the T-zone of the face and if your skin looks very whitish, you can use bronzing powders but be very careful not to create unsightly cuts in the neck and décolleté area.


Now is the time to make up the eyes. Our advice is that you lean towards shades in light tones from the range of colors such as beige, brown, pink, light blue depending on the color of your dress. Choose a lighter shade to bring luminosity to your eyes, apply it just below the eyebrow and in the area of ​​the tear duct.


If desired, line the eyes at the top in a very fine line to frame the look naturally. A very simple way to have an awakened look is to make up the inner line of the lower eyelid with a pencil in makeup color or greenish-blue if you have light eyes. As a final touch, apply a layer of mascara on the upper lashes, choose a mascara to give volume and waterproof in case you shed a few tears of emotion.


Color the lips with nude tones or a little darker and more intense depending on the color you have used for the eyes. Apply a transparent gloss to make your lips look fuller and fuller. The key is to reflect a natural and elegant look.


Finally, don’t forget to add a light touch of color to the cheeks with a light blush and apply it from the center of the cheekbones to the temple. The best option is to choose a blush that adapts to the natural color of the skin and serves you, especially, to accentuate and highlight the cheekbones.


With these simple tricks, you will wear very flattering makeup and you will be one of the most beautiful and elegant guests of the ceremony. Also discover how to put on makeup for an evening wedding, entering our article.

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