How to Do Professional Makeup at Home

How to Do Professional Makeup at Home

This topic is of interest to many girls who have recently become carried away by the world of cosmetics, and are just learning the art of transformation with the help of decorative means. Changes in the world of the beauty industry should be monitored constantly because each season dictates new trends and directions.

To learn how to paint beautifully, it is not necessary to sign up for expensive courses. We have prepared for your answers to the most asked questions: how to properly prepare a face, how to do makeup depending on eye color, how to draw perfect arrows, how to make good make-up at home. With our tips, you will achieve great results, even if you have never tried makeup before.

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How to Do Professional Makeup at Home

How to apply makeup correctly:

Before applying decorative products, the skin should be prepared: cleaned with tonic or lotion, moisturized with cream. After the product is completely absorbed – about 10 minutes, you can proceed to the next step. Preparation should not be ignored. Thus, you not only protect the skin from the negative effects of cosmetics but also prevent rolling and peeling of the foundation and shadows.

Makeup for every day for beginners:

The foundation is also selected depending on the type of skin since an incorrectly selected cream can roll and dry out the dermis, which makes the face sloppy. The base should be applied evenly in a thin layer so as not to create a mask effect.

Make sure your foundation is best suited to your tone. Thanks to the correctly selected product, the dermis will acquire a smooth, well-groomed, and neat appearance. Cosmetics that contain silicone and wax are considered more persistent.

Apply a few drops of foundation to your forehead, chin, cheeks, and nose. Then, gently blend it with a brush or sponge. If too much cream has been applied, wipe off the rest with a paper towel.

With the help of a corrector, you can hide minor flaws. Apply it to the problem area. Dark circles are easily masked with a color concealer, which is 1-2 tones lighter than the skin.

After the above measures, the makeup is fixed with powder. The loose variation of the product gives the coating a velvety texture, making it more matte. When choosing a tone, go for shades one level lighter than your skin.

The powder is applied to the face with light movements with a special brush, gently moving from the forehead to the neck and décolleté, which should be the same shade as the face. Do not overdo it as it clogs pores, causing rashes, acne, and blackheads. 

Foundation and powder are the best helpers in correcting the shape of the face: with dark shades, you can visually reduce a certain area, and with lighter shades, you can increase it.

When choosing cosmetics, give preference to products that are light texture, without shine and too bright colors. You should be especially careful when choosing cosmetics for natural daytime make-up, in which only natural shades are present.

Expressiveness to the face is added by blush, which is usually applied to the area of ​​the cheeks and cheekbones. Blush is usually a couple of shades darker than skin. For owners of triangular face types, it is recommended to focus on the upper part of the cheekbones, and the elongated ones – on the middle part of the cheek, shading towards the cheekbones. Girls with round types of blush should be applied from the middle of the cheeks to the temples, adhering to the shape of a triangle.

Recently, the fashion for eyebrows has changed too often, but you should never lose sight of them when creating the perfect make-up. Correctly shaped eyebrows make facial features more expressive and harmonious. Today, many manufacturers of decorative cosmetics offer a lot of eyebrow products: combs, pencils, shadows, fixatives.

To shape the eyebrows, a pencil and shadows are enough, which are combined with the hair color. Give the pencil a neat shape, shade, and blend. Additionally, apply eyebrow shadows in pencil color.

Finally, apply mascara to the eyelashes, if necessary, they can be curled with a special device. To create a doll-like effect, apply mascara in two layers with an interval of 2-3 minutes.

When applying lipstick, remember to focus on either the eyes or the lips. If the eyes are designed using the smokey ice technique, then you should give preference to lip gloss or lipstick in neutral shades.

Applying shadows:

Eye shaping is considered the most difficult part of makeup. First you need to choose the right shadows and decide on the technique for applying them. The classification of products is based on pigment and consistency.

Depending on the consistency, there are:

  • Baked. This is the most popular type among users, they are distinguished by a dense texture, pressed, have a pleasant shimmer, and a rich color range. High-quality products do not roll in lumps and stay on the eyelid for a long time.
  • Powdery. Loose eyeshadows can be of different grindings, often several colors are mixed in one package, which in combination give unique shades. When choosing powdery variations, go for a premium manufacturer. Low-quality products can damage delicate eyelids. The First Moscow Customs Store offers quality goods from well-known brands at the best prices.
  • Creamy and liquid. They come in the form of a pencil or a small bottle with a cap (like a lip gloss). Apply only to prepared eyelids over a special base. Thanks to the creamy texture, the same shade plays in different colors. 

    The easiest method to apply eye shadow is:

    1. Darken the upper eyelid near the cavity.
    2. Lighten the rest.

    Thanks to this simple technique, the eyes become more open and expressive. To create daytime makeup, you can use two shades, for the evening and festive options there are no restrictions, the main thing is that the combination is harmonious.

    Eye color makeup:

    If the technique of performing the process can be worked out with practice, then the correct combination of the color palette has long been developed by experts in the field of beauty. The color of the shadows does not suit every color type of eyes. We offer you to get acquainted in more detail with the features of the selection of products for different shades of the iris.


    To create the perfect makeup for green-eyed girls, you should follow simple rules:

    1. Choose a foundation and powder to match the natural skin color.
    2. The color of the eyeshadow should emphasize natural beauty, so choose subtle pastel colors. The shades of a brown scale look perfect.
    3. Eyeliner in one color with shadows.
    4. Mascara. The classic version is black, which always looks good. As an experiment, you can use brown or emerald.
    5. Lips combined with a brown palette can be coated with coral or creamy lipstick. In other cases, restrained and natural shades will be a win-win. If there is a desire to apply gloss, then draw the contours of the lips with a pencil, so that the gloss does not “run away”.


They are by nature very expressive, so it can be very easy to overdo it with makeup for this color. To make light make-up at home, owners of brown eyes will need:

  1. Foundation and powder to match skin color.
  2. Shadows of warm shades of brown, purple, gray, plum, grayscale. Do not take too light shades, since they do not contrast well with often dark skin.
  3. Brown or black ink.
  4. Cover your lips with gloss or lipstick in light transparent tones.


Girls with blue shades most often have light skin and hair, therefore they are associated with tenderness and defenselessness. Since naturalness is now in trend, it is advisable to preserve the image of a fragile girl.

Blue-eyed beauties will come in handy:

  1. Foundation of light tones, which is applied in a thin layer on the face, powder.
  2. Shadows from a light palette of blue and gray.
  3. Black mascara that will make your look more expressive.
  4. For lips, a pale pink lipstick or gloss is ideal, which will emphasize a light look.


They have an amazing property – they change color depending on the lighting. It is thanks to this feature that it is difficult to make profitable makeup using:

  1. Foundation and powder to match the natural skin color.
  2. Shadows of light blue, turquoise, silver, gold, lilac shades. At the same time, apply the lightest shade to the corner, and the darkest one at the edge. Be sure to shade the colors so that there is no too clear transition.
  3. Light pink or transparent lip gloss.
  4. Black or brown ink.

Secrets to visually enlarge your eyes:

Nature has not awarded every girl with big eyes, but everyone dreams of an expressive deep look. Knowing several ways, you can easily eliminate this disadvantage. We share with effective methods how to make the right beautiful make-up, which will help to achieve the “open look” effect:

  • White pencil. If you draw the water line in white, the eyes will appear much larger. You should be extremely careful with this method because white is inherently very catchy. Try not to overdo it, or your makeup will look weird.
  • Cream for the skin around the eyelids. Be sure to feed this area, especially if you are already 25 years old. By moisturizing the dermis, you will relieve yourself of bags and swelling.
  • Corrector. Experts recommend using a pink-orange corrector. It can be used to mask dark circles from sleep deprivation nights.
  • Curling for eyelashes. With the help of special tweezers, the cilia become more curved, which allows the eyes to open. To enhance the effect, it is enough to apply two layers of black mascara to the eyelashes. To prevent the cilia from sticking together, separate them with a brush.
  • Makeup tailored for the century. You can enlarge the eyes by playing with the saturation of the shades of the shadows. If you apply a dark color to the fold, and a light color in the center, then your eyes will instantly appear larger.
  • Eyebrow care. The natural, well-groomed shape of the eyebrows finally forms the shape of the face. Remember that thin eyebrow strings are out of fashion for a long time. Eyebrow color should match the color of the hair and skin of their owner.
  • Arrows. They have become classics in the art of makeup. To enhance the shape, apply a thin line of brown eyeliner along the lashes, which thickens towards the outer corner.

I think by these simple makeup tips every beginner can do her makeup at home easily.

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