How to Look Fair in Summer without Makeup

Is putting on makeup a challenge for you? Are you doing it right? Many people have doubts about how to do their makeup properly, as they sometimes end up making mistakes that make their face dull. Quiet! Knowing how to use each product in the correct way is essential to be able to wear perfect makeup and from Makeup Styles, we bring you the essential tips to achieve it and achieve the result you want.

How to Look Fair in Summer without Makeup


The pre-steps:

First of all, it is important that our skin is well cleaned and hydrated before putting on makeup, a good trick is to do a self-massage to activate blood circulation. In addition, we recommend that you clean your face every night with different cleansers and an exfoliator before going to bed so that the next day when we put on makeup we have perfect skin.

We must also choose a place with good natural light or well lit since otherwise, we cannot appreciate the real tones of our face well. This is practically the main reason why when we go out we see that the base applied to the face is not well extended and it seems very ornate. If you make up with artificial light, it is essential that you opt for white light and that you have more than one point of light and not only receive it from above.

You can apply a makeup primer, which usually contains vitamins since they have a soothing and moisturizing effect with which our skin will be softer and smoother. You are ready to do your makeup! Remember that it is important to know what type of skin you have since each of them must use one product or another. If we throw the one that does not correspond to our face, it could have a counterproductive result, something we do not want at all.

The right tools:

The first thing we need is to have some good tools to create the makeup we want. The brushes and brushes make it easy to apply makeup, especially for a better finish in these more difficult areas. For more coverage, base your tone all over your face. If, on the other hand, you want a more natural result, you should only apply the foundation around the contour of the face and in areas with imperfections.

For loose powders, you will have to use a brush with more hair, as if we want to apply blush. In the case of applying with eyeshadows or painting our lips, you can also use specific brushes that exist for it. You are sure to achieve spectacular eye makeup with them!

On the other hand, we must remember that just as we keep our face clean of any dirt, one of the fundamental aspects is to keep the brushes always clean. For this, there are different specific products that are used for this type of thing, so it would be ideal to do it once a week, at least. Just as it is preferable to also have the brushes well stored, you can choose an organizer to help you.

A good base:

It is important to know what our skin tone is so that when applying it, it is as natural as possible. A good way to know if it is our tone when buying it is to apply a small amount in the chin area, just next to the chin. If you prefer, you can also try it in the hand area. The correct tone will be the one that blurs and better camouflages the imperfections of your face. You must bear in mind that the makeup base cannot be darker than your skin.

You can take into account the time of year in which we are to find the base that convinces you the most. The truth is that, with the heat around the corner, it is better to use a lighter foundation. In the same way that the tone will also change since we will have darker skin.

A good option is to choose a bb-cream or a base with a matte result, with which you will have a longer-lasting result on summer afternoons. A trick in the summer is to use a concealer to cover blemishes and dark circles and frame the face with good bronzing powders.

The final touches

An essential element is our makeup set, it will be a concealer to correct the area under the eyes, nose, and chin. Some people prefer to use yellowish tones to counteract the grayish tone of the dark circles.

Undoubtedly, one of the products that should never be missing in a girl’s toiletry bag is a good mascara. Be it natural makeup or more intense party makeup. Mascara is the real must! With it you will make your eyelashes look long and with volume, giving a unique depth to your eyes.

Professionals in the world of beauty also believe that, if we are looking for a perfect finish, we cannot forget how to make up the eyebrows. It is important that we frame our face properly through this procedure. You will notice the difference!

Add a final touch to your makeup with a good lipstick that matches your make up. A basic rule is to choose if we want to enhance the eyes or the lips, since if not we will have an overloaded result.


With these tips, we are sure that you will wear perfect makeup even if you are not an expert. You will only have to practice these days at home and you will be able to make yourself those looks with which to dazzle when you go out.

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