How to Prepare Your Face for Makeup

How to Prepare Your Face for Makeup

Today we will learn how to solve a big issue regarding Makeup that How to Prepare Your Face for Makeup? Makeup is an important part of women’s day-to-day lives, however, although it is known that facial cleansing is just as important, it is rarely done before applying makeup and also before going to bed. Caring for and preparing the skin of the face before applying makeup is a way to ensure a better appearance and duration of the same since in this way the face will be free of any element that is damaging the skin such as environmental pollution.

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Cleansing, hydrating, toning, and protecting the skin of the face from sunlight before applying makeup are just a few examples of what can be done for skincare to achieve not only a fresh and naturally radiant appearance, but also better health for it, which will benefit the skin even more. For each step below, you only need to take into account your skin type to apply products that are suitable for it and promote better results. This is how the skin is prepared for makeup application:

How to Prepare Your Face for Makeup

Clean facial skin before makeup

At first glance, the skin may appear to be clean, however, the sebaceous glands of the skin of the face produce a substance that is located on the surface called sebum, this substance is the perfect opportunity for bacteria and dead cells to accumulate and start To plug these holes giving rise to the appearance of pimples, blackheads, among other affections of the skin of the face, thus things, putting on makeup without first cleaning the skin only aggravates the situation that we have just described.

Cleaning the skin daily is a highly recommended practice for good skin health, however, cleaning it before and after makeup is an even more recommended practice. Carrying out a proper facial cleansing removes all impurities and dead cells that are accumulated on the face, reducing the risk of acne and blackheads, this cleansing also generates a renewal of the skin and promotes a delay in the appearance of wrinkles, avoiding aging.

Apply warm water to the face to open the pores, apply a facial cleanser with circular and gentle movements and then rinse the face to remove the cleanser, it works as a homemade facial cleansing that you can do every day, after this process, it is advisable to dry your face with the help of a towel and light patting so as not to mistreat the face, it is not recommended to rub the towel. By following these recommendations you will be closer and closer to being able to apply makeup having correctly prepared your face.

Moisturize the face before makeup:

The dermis of the skin has by default between 10% and 20% water composition, this composition aims to maintain elasticity and protection of the skin. Dry skin is a sign that the percentage of water composition of the dermis is below 10% and it is here that the sweat glands are activated to release sweat and moisturize the skin at least a little.

Among the main benefits of hydrated skin, we have the reduction of the appearance of wrinkles given the elasticity that we mentioned above, the reduction and even elimination of blackheads, and having smooth and soft skin, performing adequate facial hydration before makeup is ideal since this way the skin can better receive and highlight the makeup you want to apply, as a complementary effect you can keep your skin hydrated even if you live in a cold climate that is usually a factor for dry skin.

Thus, before applying make-up, it is important to perform adequate facial hydration, it is ideal to apply moisturizers that adapt to your skin type, we highly suggest that you use fat-free products and, if possible, with a composition based on extracts. natural. You can also create your own hydration facial mask based on bananas, cucumbers, avocado, among others.

Toning the face before makeup:

Environmental pollution, stress, and even bad eating habits, directly and indirectly, affect the skin of the face, for this reason, it must be cleaned and cared for daily since although our body produces new skin cells daily and removes dead cells naturally, it cannot eliminate them in their entirety and this is when a little help from us would be useful to avoid irritation of the facial skin and clogged pores.

The toning process consists of the application of cosmetics known as tonics that are responsible for cleaning and improving the skin of the face, eliminating, for example, excess fat. These tonics also remove impurities that are not removed by the other steps that we will talk about in this guide or by the products used in each one.

Prior to the facial skin toning process, it is advisable to have performed a facial cleansing so that the facial skin is free of impurities. Toning the skin of the face is a step that is often overlooked since it is not normally known which is the right product, in this case, the best recommendation is to find one that works for your skin type, it should be remembered that toning is of great importance to restoring the natural PH of the facial skin and its hydration.

Apply sun protection before makeup:

Taking sunlight has great benefits for our health, however, being excessively exposed to sunlight without adequate protection can cause different problems for the skin such as the risk of cancer, the appearance of spots on the face, burns. and aging. Sunscreens help protect the skin from the damaging effects of sunlight. Among the areas of the skin that receive greater exposure to sunlight are the face, ears, and hands.

The recommendation is that before applying makeup to leave the house, use sunscreen gel or creams if possible buy a sunscreen that does not dry out the skin but instead hydrates it without leaving a greasy feeling.

It’s time to apply makeup

The difference will be clearly noticeable and the results will be better as the days go by since, as we mentioned earlier, preparing the skin before makeup will not only improve the appearance but also your health. The facial skin is the most delicate part and must be cared for given its exposure mainly to environmental factors. Start taking care of the skin on your face today.

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