Makeup Styles - From Then Until Now

Makeup Styles – From Then Until Now

Since the fourth millennium BC, women have used cosmetics to highlight their beauty and accentuate their features. Each era developed its own numerous makeup styles that not only gained fame in their origins but also crossed lands and two oceans to reach women on different continents.

So, before you discover the latest trends, come on a journey through history to learn about the styles of the past.

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The Elizabethan Era

Makeup during the 16th century was quite simple. To copy, and pay homage to, the pale complexion of Queen Elizabeth, women used a white lead-based powder.

They also gave their cheeks a little color by using dyed, lead-based, rouge. As for their eyebrows and lips, Elizabethan ladies used alabaster pencils to complete the pale “virgin” look.

The Victorian Era

The makeup styles of the Victorian era depended on natural beauty. However, this didn’t mean that women gave up on cosmetics altogether. Women of the class chose toned down face powders; while actresses and women from lower classes, used vividly colored makeup.

The Roaring Twenties

In the 1920s, women fought against the dull Victorian beauty standards. Film stars like Louise Brooks and Clara Bow helped inspire women to use heavy makeup. This is why the women of that era used pale powder, rouge creams, and very red lipstick.

The End of WWII

By the end of World War II, traditional makeup styles made a comeback. One of the eye makeup styles to come back in the 1950s was the Doe Eye, a style created with eye shadow, eyebrow pencils, mascara, and heavy eyeliner. In addition, pale complexion and vibrantly colored lips were still in fashion.

The 1960s witnessed the migration of women from the kitchen to the workplace. With less time on their hands, women chose to pair dark eyes with pale lips, using lots of mascara to create the “open, wide-eyed look” expressed by models such as Twiggy. However, by the end of the ’60s, many gave up cosmetics and chose the all-natural look instead.

The Swinging 70s and Rocking 80s

The ’70s weren’t only the decade for making love and not war, it was a time when the social revolution affected women’s beauty standards. Long gone were pale-skinned beauties. Replacing them were the tanned, vibrant, women who chose glossy lips over matte ones.

In addition, with the rise of the Punk movement by the end of the 70s, more shocking and provocative makeup styles made their way to women’s faces.

The Punk style remained popular in the 80s as well. The vibrant neon colors, and mismatched makeup, made waves in the cosmetics industry. Complementing these were large hairstyles, the Jheri curl, and the preppy hairstyle, all of which marked the rocking 80s.

The Last Decade of the 20th Century

In the 1990s, makeup styles became diverse and changed often. What was popular during one season became passé in the next. However, makeup artists brought back many older styles and mixed them up with newer fads, such as the then-popular Grunge look, to create unique looks for their models.


After reviewing the different makeup styles throughout the years, you probably have a better idea of how some of today’s trends came into existence.

The world of makeup hasn’t undergone many changes through the years, but with a few mixes and matches, makeup artists are able to create new styles that are bound to tempt you into trying them out.

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So, spend a little more “time” and discover the wonderful world of makeup and its various styles. Are you ready? Then navigate away to the pages we have in store for you.

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