Tips for Choosing the Best Makeup Styles for Brown Eyes

Tips for Choosing the Best Makeup Styles for Brown Eyes

You can consider yourself lucky if you are the owner of a pair of brown eyes. Not only do you have dark eyes that will allure anyone who gazes into them, but, you can easily choose more airbrush makeup styles than women with other eye colors. However, in order to make sure that the look you choose, effectively, accentuate your eyes and features, here are some tips for you to consider before trying makeup styles for brown eyes.

• When choosing from, makeup styles for brown eyes, take into consideration the following factors: when you shall wear the look, how exotic you want your eyes to look, and, the shape of your eyes.

• When it comes to eye shadow colors, you are at an advantage, because you can wear shades of green, blue, plum, and gray. Each of these various shades will help your eye color pop. So, look for styles that use some of these colors in unison.

• Women with brown eyes are able to rely on heavy black mascara and thick eyeliner to make their eyes stand out. The thicker the eyeliner and mascara, the more defined your eyes will be.

• Consider your skin tone while picking out the best eye makeup. If your skin tone is dark, you may want to choose darker colors such as plum or maroon. On the other hand, if your skin tone is light, you should consider more natural shades, ones that complement your skin, and your eye color.

• Brown eyeliner will make your eyes look more appealing since it matches your natural eye color, but it isn’t as bold as black. So, if the look you’re trying recommends using a brown liner, consider using it during the day, or in a business environment.

• Regardless of which style you choose, make sure to give a lot of attention to your lashes. Long eyelashes have the power to make your eyes wide and eye-catching. If you curl your lashes before applying mascara, you will have the formula to make people praise your eyes.

• Since the main reason for you choosing, makeup styles for brown eyes, is to accentuate your peepers, then try keeping your lips nude. You can choose a light shade that complements your eye shadow, or, go for nude lip color. However, avoid gloss because it will reduce the attention to your eyes that you will receive from your admirers.

• Before you debut a new style in front of your friends, colleagues and family, always try the makeup styles for brown eyes you want to wear out first. Doing this first will help you determine whether the style will really bring out your luscious, baby brown eyes.

Take into consideration these Brown eye tips to make sure of getting the beautiful, sexy, eyes you want.

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